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Rowntree Park
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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stallholders confirmed so far...

Here are the stallholders who've booked:

York Action for Animals (YAFA)
An animal rights campaigning group.

York Green Party
The political party!

York Credit Union Ltd
A co-operative financial service offering savings and loans to people who live or work in York. They will be promoting (amongst other services) their new SmartLoan, aimed at low income individuals in receipt of benefits.

Out of this World
A co-operative (with a large local shop) selling fairtrade, local and eco-friendly products.

The York Human Givens Centre
A Therapy Centre - they will be advertising their services.

Local exchange trading system. They promote a local exchange currency (the Yorky) to help provide services and goods and cut through poverty on a local level

A local group currently promoting the climate camp, York's Critical Mass bike ride, and Indymedia. The groups promotes its events on the Indymedia website.

John Lally International Foundation
An environmental group involved in converting refuse tips into recycling centres.

Authentic Indian curries at low prices, using organic and fairtrade foods, and recycled containers and bowls.

Debbie Watson
Selling crafts with new age / nature designs, and performing some belly / eastern dancing.

Friends of St Nicholas Fields / York Rotters
Friends is an environmental charity promoting sustainability issues, and Rotters is their composting project.

Eco at home
Selling environmentally friendly products including reclaimed wooden homeware, organic cotton and bamboo clothing, jute and string bags, and Faith In Nature toiletries.

A nationwide environmental conservation charity made up of volunteers of all ages and abilities.

York and Ryedale Friends of the Earth
A local group campaigning on a wide variety of environmental issues.

York Woodcraft Folk
A local co-operative educational organisation for children and young people with a strong international, cooperative and environmental ethos.

York WDM Group (World Development Movement)
Campaigning for political changes to directly benefit the world's poor, currently focussing on debt and climate change.

York Crag
Aims to promote an awareness of individuals' carbon footprints, and work together to reduce them.

WhizzGo is a pay-by-the-hour car club which operates in York and other major cities throughout the UK. This is an environmental initiative to help encourage individuals and businesses not to own a private car but to only use a car when it is necessary.

York Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Campaigns for the right of Palestinians to return, and to live free from oppression.

Fairer World
Selling fairly traded packaged foods, crafts, clothing and environmental cleaning products. Also has a shop on gillygate.

Soil Association
Promoting the benefits of local organic food for humans, animal welfare, the environment and wildlife.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stallholder Information and Application

You can download your stallholder application form and Stallholders information HERE

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DJ Stage

Hi everyone

As you may know we're planning to have a DJ area in the basketball courts at the festival.

I (Robert a.k.a. Green Renegade) and my co-organiser Dan (a.k.a. Spleen) are in the process of organising the SoundSystem and DJ arrangements.

We are in talks with the owners of the SoulSpun SoundSystem, as well as DJs in the York area. DJs that have expressed an interest in playing on the stage (along with ourselves, Green Renegade and Spleen) include Hy-Phen and Peachie B.

More details to be announced.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aims and Objectives of York Green Festival

These AIMS and OBJECTIVES and GROUP STRUCTURE were agreed on 10th May 2007 by those group members present.

Aims and Objectives:
To organise and hold an annual event which promotes sustainability, and raises awareness of green lifestyle choices, including: healthy living; using renewables; reducing and recycling waste; conserving and enhancing biodiversity; promoting fairtrade, co-operatives and mutuality; promoting organic agriculture; encouraging non-violence, tolerance and fun.
This event will be in the format of a free, one-day festival with live music, stalls and family oriented events to be held in a public place.
This will be accessible to all and as inclusive as possible.

Group Structure:
We have a loose organisational structure with all members of the co-ordinating committee having an equal say in decisionmaking, using consensus.
Co-ordinating committee members choose their own roles.
Roles to be filled are:
Project Manager
Music Stage co-ordinator
Stewards co-ordinator
Bank Account signitories (two signatures needed to sign cheque)
Web Master
Publicity Co-ordinator
Admin Angel
DJ area co-ordinator/s
Children/Family area co-ordinator
Stalls Co-ordinator
Programe writer/editor/publisher
Sponsorship Co-ordinator

other roles may become apparent during the lead-up to the event.

John Cossham 6th June 07

Friday, May 11, 2007

Notes of Meetings

Meeting 10th May 07, Space 109, 7.30pm
Those present: John Cossham, Tracy Shippey, Baz Buchnnan

Firstly we reported on what we'd done recently.

John has started the process to get a bank account, with the Cooperative Bank, an account for coops (which we are sort of, and JC is a member of several, so probably appropriate) We discussed signitories (3) and signitures on cheques (2).
John explained about adding to the blog and sending blog details to interested parties and those involved. Also about the demise of CrUST which has had no interest, and could cause confusion and reduce the funding possibilities. Also all the interest is in the Green Festival as a seperate entity. CrUST to be burried when York Credit Union bother to contact JC about it.
JC said that he had been contacted by several people wanting to be involved, including Chrissie from LETS (artist working with young people) and a band, Red Trees, and a solar cinema.
John said he had written a letter to our preferred primary sponsor, United Cooperatives, asking for a generous sum of money, we are keeping the amount confidential.
John also admitted what he hadn't done was to make adequate records on the past few meetings, but would do better from now on!

Tracy has been working on a stall holders letter and application form. She has not been able to get far with this process as several things needed sorting out, including event insurance covering uninsured traders, group trading licence, VAT liability or not, and some other issues.

Baz has been busy with finding out about PA and marquee hire for the main stage, has had 7 bands confirmed plus a compere, and has had contact from some media students at York College who want to document the event and produce a DVD of the event.

Martin L (sent apologies) has offered to fund a Punch and Judy (think this was the deal!) and JC has found a cycling clown who does a good P+J, called BoClown who worked at last week's cycling event at the National Railway Museum, who was very good. BoClown is available for the day and would come for a reasonable price. Only drawback is that he's based in Newcastle and would drive down.

Aims and Objectives discussed and agreed. To be put in seperate posting.

We next discussed what we have to do next!

Re Music Stage: Baz to get PA and Marquee quotes.

Re Stalls: Tracy to do a Stalls invite letter and application form. JC to contact Liz Topi about 'Group Trading Licence'.

Re BMX/Skate/Boarding: nothing happening here yet, hope it does soon!!!!!!

Re DJ area: Dan and Rob on the case, we hope!

Re Children's area: Tim Waudby on the case. Martin to book Bo Clown. JC to contact Jugglers in York to invite them to have an area near the kids zone.

Re Sports: ?

Re Admin: JC to buy Public Liability, to check whether it covers traders without it such as volunteer healers etc. JC to get Bank Account sorted. Baz to do MySpace site for music at YGF07. JC to contact Adrian Spendlow and Rory Motion and invite them.

Re Sponsors: ? to formulate a letter to gain sponsors for specific parts of the festy ie Skate area, Juggling area, DJ area, plus general sponsors.

Re Food: TS to write a letter to the Cafe who have the food concession for the park, asking them for permission to have other food stalls.

Re Jugglers: JC to contact

Re Media: JC to contact St John's Media Students and invite them to come.

Re Programme: JC to invite Mail Boxes Etc to sponsor this. Offer Free ad to Park Cafe.

Re Solar Cinema: JC to contact and ask what films they would show and whether they can show successfully in daylight.

Re VAT: Someone ask Martin if our activities are VAT liable.


MEETING 24th MAY 2007 at SPACE 109, 7.30pm
those present, John Cossham, Tracy Shippey, Baz Buchanan, Martin Lovedale (and son)

We had an unstructured meeting, starting with a review of the 10th May meeting and what had happened since.

Firstly and very importantly, the reply letter from United Cooperatives was handed around and this brought smiles from all as it confirms that they are going to be our primary sponsor with a generous donation. We agreed to do a press release which included this fact, but kept the actual amount of money confidential. I have been sent an email with their logo and this will be forwarded to other members.

Baz has completed the line-up for the main stage.
Baz will book the PA and weatherproofing/marquee.

We discussed the booking of BoClown, and whether a Punch and Judy was appropriate when we are promoting non-violence. Maybe we can challenge Bo to come up with a 'green' P+J?

Tracy said she had been working on the Stallholders letter, and showed us a copy. Still don't know about food stall licencing nor the concession-holder's views.

A long 'to do' list:
J to buy insurance
Contact Police/Fire/Ambulance
Book First Aid
Check if we can join Cooperatives UK
Write to St Nicks re litterpick/recycling
Check toilet provision with Liz
Check Bond with Liz
email an invoice to United Cooperatives
Baz to sort out a map of RP, to work on layout
J to keep on top of advertising/publicity
Press Release re UC sponsorship
Get a new Event Application Form
Meet Jini
Get a letter to the neighbours sorted out

Discussed need for second stage!

Discussed potential sponsors to approach

Discussed potential stallholders to approach.

Finished and went for a drink!


Meeting Weds 6th June 07, Space 109

Present John Cossham, Martin L, Jini B, Catherine B, Rob DJ, Bob Soul Spun, Darren
Apologies given by Tracy and Baz

JC reported on what he had done, this included:
invoice sent to United Co-operatives,
Booking sent to Bo the Clown
Info given to Talk Mag
Info given to music mag based in Leeds
Info given to School's Out (via Tim W)
Email query about joining Co0operatives UK
Work on stallholders application form

Jini showed what she'd like to do for the event.
She makes hardboard (or perspex) shapes, eg trees, fish, and provides various materials for decorating these plus pva glue. The materials are stuck on by crafty children (mainly) and the finished artwork may be hung up as a decoration.
It was suggested that this would be good in the childrens' area, so contact TW.
It was agreed to look for materials to use for decoration, eg rice, lentils, seeds, pasta shapes, plastic film, leaves and other textured and coloured items.
We discussed trying to use as many natural materials as possible and avoiding things which would have to be bought specially or which weren't easily biodegradable, etc, eg glitter, however full artistic freedom granted to Jini!
JB said she would look for hardboard, possibly from a builders merchants or hardware store for free as a sponsorship.
We discussed costs and how this will be paid for.

Rob and Catherine (and later Bob) discussed the DJ area.
Bob has a 2k soundsystem called Soulspun Soundsystem.
They baffled me about the different components of this but basically there's turntables, amplifiers, different speakers etc. Sounds like a lot of 'plug in' power needed, so we discussed how much power/how many plugs would be needed and whether a seperate generator would be needed. John to speak to Liz Topi about power available and where the socket/s is or are.
The DJ area is to be in a basketball court, so a firm surface is available for dancing. Also discussed whether to invite breakdancers. This left to Soulspun to organise.
Discussed costs and funding, possible/impossible sponsorship.

Catherine then explained she was involved with the Young Co-operatives and wanted to have a stall. She distributed some literature about this organisation. I told her that when the stallholders letter/application form was ready I would let her know. Catherine also informed us of an event on 6th July in the Priory St Centre to which young people are invited, and if we wished to spread the word, she'd be delighted.

This led to a discussion about other potential stallholders, such as sustainable building people, I suggested Amazon Nails who are the top straw-bale building people, based in Hebden Bridge.
Also sugested were the Energy Saving Trust and Envirowise.

Finally Martin was able to show me the application form for a bank account with the Co-operative. We are going to apply for an account for members of Cooperatives UK, which we are prepared to join as we have a cooperative-like structure and can become a co-op if needs be.
I filled in the bits I needed to and Martin is the other signitory. As Baz isn't available, he isn't on the form, but could be added later if we wanted to do this.

Finished and John locked up and took keys back.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Children's Activities at York Green Festival

Hello all

May I introduce myself and give you an update on what I'm doing for the festival. My name is Tim Waudby and I am the Community Leisure Officer for Children and Young People in York. I also produce the School's Out magazine. I was approached by John to coordinate the activities for children during the event.

So far we have Riding Lights Theatre Company who would like to bring a small PA and do some music in a small corner, Creepy Crawlies Adventure Play who will come and do some fun things for young kids and the guys are Waterworld/Huntington Stadium who will come and do a range of sports. I will be liasing with them more closely in the comming weeks. Hope to have a few more on board soon.

Any questions and such please get in touch.


Tim Waudby
Community Leisure Officer
Children and Young People's Activity Co-ordinator
Early Years and Extended Schools Service
Mill House
North Street
Tel: 01904 554698

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Meetings dates, place and time....all welcome!

Anybody wanting to help with the York Green Festival is welcome to attend these meetings.

Thursday 10th May
Thursday 24th May
Wednesday 6th June
Thursday 21st June followed by solstice gathering at St Nicks stone circle!
Thursday 5th July
Thursday 19th July
!Sunday 29th July York Green Festival 11am to 5pm Rowntree Park!

All the planning meetings are at Space 109, Walmgate. This is an accessible venue, all welcome.
All the planning meetings start at 7.30pm, and last one or two hours.
Other meetings will undoubtedly take place, watch this space for details.